S/S 2013 LAB.
A ‘prêt-à-changer!’ collection

It’s all about layering, re-inventing and transforming. Wearing increasingly evanescent layers; assembling different colours and materials in the pursuit of comfort and the perfect mix for every situation in an (extra)-ordinary day.

This is the spirit of the brand new LAB. Pal Zileri summer collection.

It revolves around three themes linked to as many colours, which dictate the movement of the collection towards a “prêt-à-changer” ideal of freedom.

History of grey.

Shades of asphalt and of the steel of skyscrapers, but also of a drab sky, are paired with pastel colours like watery greens, soft pinks, aquamarine blues and delicate hues of beige, gradually fading into the purest white. The result is a mix of romantic and metropolitan tints.

Knitwear interprets this history with soft, fine yarns resembling clouds of colour -light and fluffy – echoing the shades of spray treatments proposed on shirts and scarves.

The sleeve units have become ultra-light, making them comfortable and versatile while retaining a refined silhouette. Proposed in classic all-over patterns, in false plain designs or knit effects brought up to speed with new wash treatments. Inside, linings reveal Liberty printed cotton.

Trousers are more casual thanks to more structured weaves, but remain light, offering superb comfort. Natural “bull” and plush effects with hints of dye cannot fail to get noticed.
Sportswear conceals internal taping that improves the performance of light waxed jackets.
Comfortable jersey is twinned with leather for some models, and with cotton for others.
The end result is totally soft, informal and incredibly chic!

Man in black

What happens if you add a touch of white to the blackest black? You get blackboard black.
Turbid and intriguing, intense and versatile, this shade appears alongside classic black to create the most formal looks in the LAB collection.

This is the ideal space for a Tuxedo, developed in three slim fit models: with shawl collar in satin, peak lapels in gros-grain or a patchwork of diapered fabrics. All accompanied by shirts featuring a plastron with raw edges.

Breaking up the sombre interplay between blackboard and pure black are summer’s most celebrated colours: white and yellow.

Light, bold shades create a sportier Man in Black, thanks to white shirts with jacquard micropatterns and t-shirts emblazoned with prints that play down even the most formal blazer. In sportswear, new nylon weaves spawn functional, multi-pocket garments enriched with leather detailing, while cool lightweight cagoules with a cotton look reveal contrasting colours inside, making them the perfect outdoor choice about town.

Lightness and technical performance come together in new stretch nylon, which is the ultimate in comfort. The garments are high performance, adapt to the physique of the wearer and sport a really feisty, minimalist look. Rounding off the sporty look is original Kurabo Japanese denim, but also new vintage treatments and mixed materials like denim in a cotton/linen blend, cool and lightweight.


The colours of the urban sky are condensed into a sophisticated and decidedly modern palette. This colour is presented in its every shade, from darkest to lightest, with powdery tones in between, especially air force blue, and juxtaposed with little accents of ecru, oatmeal and white.

The sleeve unit is a blazer that opts for iridescent fabrics and top-stitched trims on elbows and pockets, accessorizing the look with fabulous mirrored buttons.

In sportswear too, layering textures and different shades of colour is imperative, favouring materials in natural blends.
Cottons are washed, coated and combined; leather is light or with openwork, washed or appliquéd for distinctive field-jackets and killer barracudas.

New double dyes bring together nylons, cottons and linens in unique garments that play with colour contrast and flaunt myriad functional details with a casual but not overly technical flavour. The goal is to adapt effortlessly to any situation the day throws up.

Experimentation continues with trousers and jackets made in featherweight cotton, in wools and in super light mohair which are faded and bleached, playing down even the most classic menswear garments.

Knitwear is characterized by vintage look dyes, blurred and smoky grey prints and a variety of stitches, while for shirts the offering of classic weaves like Oxford and fil--fil is boosted with all-over prints, double faced gauzes and printed denim.

Spring/summer 2013 LAB. PalZileri collection : are you ready to change?

The definition of "new". The search for "new".
The realisation of "new"

This is "Lab.-Pal Zileri": the laboratory of a new man. A man who remembers and knows the past, but is able to escape from the strict rules of old style. A man who no longer wants to feel shut up in a uniform, but wants to express himself through refined eccentricity, chosen for the pleasure of not going unnoticed. The Lab.-Pal Zileri collection, produced by the Gruppo Forall, starts its presentation to the public in Italy and abroad starting from Spring/Summer 2005 Collection. It proposes a total formal look and sportswear, and is rich in accessories such as shirts, ties, knitwear, shoes and scarves.

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