This is the motto that inspires and narrates the twelfth LAB collection.

The philosophy is to put everything back on, with the freedom to choose weights and combine colours, even strong accent colours in cornflower blue, yellow ochre and warm orange, all purely in order to follow our instincts, day by day.

This is the idea behind the new concept of the SWAP collection: garments that can be coordinated and transformed, to suit the unpredictable mood of each situation.


The Lab. Collection FW 2012-2013 is marked by three themes


Here black dominates, combined in different and yet always elegant ways, with mud, while the dove grey of the knits and optical white of the shirts brighten the palette.


The nuances of greys coordinated with wool white form a clear colour theme, in contrast with customary winter colours.


A mood represented by a metropolitan aspect that combines blue and anthracite with yellow, orange and cornflower blue accent colours. The innovation lies in an outerwear with formal colours that is "transformed" by the insertion of coloured down liner jackets.


  • The suit is enhanced by leather sleeves or by the application of quilted leather patches.
  • The careful choice of fabrics allows fully deconstructed suits to be obtained.
  • The new blazer is padded while the jacket is made of surface-dyed melange grey fabrics.
  • The coat is filled with ultra-light and warm injected down.
  • SWAP is the leitmotif of the sportswear, a series of garments with interchangeable ultra-light down liner jackets, filled with injected down.
  • The sheepskin garments are available in several models, from the pea coat to the short aviator jacket with spraying and natural dyes.
  • Denim confirms the historical excellence of Kurabo cloth and is developed with unique processes and customizations; sandblasting has been totally eliminated and decolouring has been used to obtain shades of grey and black.
  • The trendier fitting makes the leg look rounder and gives volume and a totally new and distinct image that blends well the fits of the collection.
  • The same fit also for classic trouser, also in new materials such as decoloured flannel, treated with salt or sprayed, for a hand-crafted effect that makes the garment unique. The fully fashioned knits are reversible, in roller dyed cashmere/silk, in surface dyed melange wool and in wool/alpaca with original intarsia patterns.
  • Shirts are slim, in stretch fabrics, precious jacquards which pretend to be complex prints and models with do-it-yourself creasing are fun means for enriching and differentiating this garment.
  • The collection is completed by accessories such as gauzy scarves with the same large patterns as the ties.
  • Coloured profiles and colour treatments place the accent on the belts, while the new coloured sneakers are composed of mixtures of technical and natural materials.

The definition of "new"
The search for "new"
The realisation of "new"

This is "Lab.-Pal Zileri": the laboratory of a new man. A man who remembers and knows the past, but is able to escape from the strict rules of old style. A man who no longer wants to feel shut up in a uniform, but wants to express himself through refined eccentricity, chosen for the pleasure of not going unnoticed. The Lab.-Pal Zileri collection, produced by the Gruppo Forall, starts its presentation to the public in Italy and abroad starting from Spring/Summer 2005 Collection. It proposes a total formal look and sportswear, and is rich in accessories such as shirts, ties, knitwear, shoes and scarves.


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